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Grouts amp Anchors Our wide range of cement and resin based products to fill voids and resin anchoring systems help strengthen and protect View Products Fosroc s cement and epoxy resin grouts consistently outperform industry standards Whatever structure you re putting in place we have the product to give it the ultimate connection and foundation for long term durability Our

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Normet offers a range of grouts for the securing of bolts and cables Our grouts are used in mining tunneling and other where high performance is essential TamPur 116T – Rock consolidation and bolting polyurea silicate resin

Admixture for cementitious grouts for pre stressing cables

Typically used for grouting vertical prestressed cable ducts grouting anchor rods and in long vertical wire anchors where full corrosion protection and even stress distribution is required Advantages The expansion system compensates for plastic shrinkage and settlement in cementitious grouts Prevents segregation ensuring complete protection of cables Reduced

TamCrete CG Rock anchor bolt cement grout admixture Normet

Bolt grouts TamCrete CG – Rock anchor bolt cement grout admixture TamCrete CG – Rock anchor bolt cement grout admixture Downloads TamCrete CG TDS Asia Version ensuring rock bolts and cable anchors are securely and fully encased Request more information Key Benefits Highly flowable at low water cement ratios Please contact us if you would like to

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and Bolt Systems Rod Series Anchors Equipment Installation For catalogue updates visit our web site at www nca ca GENERAL INFORMATION 2 For anchoring and form tying operations proper installation practices must be maintained Guidelines for setting mechanical anchors and tensioning procedures for rock bolts are detailed in this publication Failure to

Critical embedment length and bond strength of fully

01 10 2016 nbsp 0183 32 The average bond strengths of the rock bolts for three different grouts of UCS 32 Study of bond strength behaviour of steel cables and bars anchored with different cement grouts Kaiser MaCreath Eds Proceeding of Symposium on Rock Support in Mining and Underground Construction Balkema Rotterdam 1992 pp 293 301 Google Scholar


engagement of cables and anchors for load transfer High early strength for early loading of cables and anchors High ultimate strength to provide a dense low permeability grout for long term durability Limited volume change providing a stable grout matrix within the filled void 4 Bluey Technologies RESEARCH EXPERIENCE PRODUCT SUPPORT BluCem HS200 is

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The D Bolt 174 represents a new generation energy absorbing rock bolting system specifically designed for efficient and reliable rock reinforcement in both squeezing and burst prone strata conditions In unconsolidated and fractured ground boreholes may be difficult to keep open during traditional bolt installation The Normet hollow steel self drilling anchor SDA program

The major supplier for providing anchor bolt and other anchor

Sinorock 174 excels in manufacturing specialized anchor bolt including self drilling anchor bolt anti corrosion anchor system fiberglass anchor bolt stainless anchor bolt expansion shell anchor bolt and anchor accessories

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Bolt grouts – Normet Cable and Bolt Grouting Admixture The post TamCrete CG – Rock anchor bolt cement grout admixture appeared first on Normet TamCrete CG – Rock anchor bolt cement grout admixture Two component urea silicate resin The post TamPur 116T – Rock consolidation and bolting polyurea silicate resin appeared first on Normet


Anchor bolts dowels and rods where sanded grouts restrict complete encapsulation Areas around tensioned cables and tendons to encapsulate and maximize anchorage NA 100 High Flow Bleed Resistant Non Aggregate Non Shrink PT Gtout Purpose NA 100 is designed to provide maximum flow shrinkage compensation and extended working times in an aggregate

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Spinning the bolt rod through all of these cartridges initiates the chemical reaction in all of the resins but because the slow setting grout cartridges are timed to set in up to 5 Rockbolts and cables 30 minutes the bolt can be tensioned within two or three minutes of installation after the fast anchor resin has set This tension is then locked in by the later setting grout cartridges

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Normet offers a range of grouts for the securing of bolts and cables Our grouts are used in mining tunneling and other where high performance is essential Structural support liner


the plans and grouting anchor bolts or rebars into them Henceforth in this specification the term anchor shall mean either anchor bolt or reinforcing bar Drilling shall be done using a rotary impact drill If reinforcing steel is encountered it shall be cut with a core drill The work shall also include providing load test equipment and load testing of anchors designated by the

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TAM Grouting Tube a Manchette TAM grouting method involves the use of perforated pipe along with a special sleeve grout These pipes tubes are then inserted into the hole for grouting with short sections of rubber sleeve Manchette on the outer part of the pipe that acts as a one way valve Double packer is used to pump the grout into

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Key Benefits Highly flowable at low water cement ratios Thixotropic properties Grout remains even in overhead holes Stable grout with zero bleed Cables and bolts fully encased due to dual expansion Prevents corrosion of steel Exhibits high early and ultimate strengths Typical Applications Rock bolt and soil nail installations Grouting of pre stressed cable bolts High

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in a cable bolt However the anchor spacings within a SMART cable are usually no less then 1 m The Spokane Research Laboratory SRL has developed a new instrumented cable bolt Fig 1 patent 6 311 564 in which the original king wire has been replaced with a Figure 2 Instrumented cable grouted in steel pipe Figure 3 Pull test apparatus strip of steel to

Microsil Anchor Grout Basalite

washout making it ideal for anchoring tendons cables and bolts into soil or rock media MICROSIL superior early strength gain compared to Type HE grouts allowing early tensioning of anchors It has comparable strength gain to high alumina grouts but does not experi ence strength regression RESISTANCE TO WATER WASHOUT MICROSIL 174 ANCHOR

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Epoxy Grouts Sikadur 174 42 HES IN 3 part high performance pourable epoxy grouting system Sikadur 174 53 UF Grout Moisture insensitive free flow high strength epoxy resin grout Sikadur 174 42 MP IN 3 part multipurpose epoxy grouting system

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It may also be fully grouted with slow speed resin or cement grouts Bulbing is an effective means to center the bolt in the drill hole to mix the resin and to develop bond for anchoring the bolt The Bond Head is an additional bulb that can be formed on the end of the cable bolt Bulbs are provided to fit hole sizes 1 quot hole strip cage

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gt Grouts amp Anchors gt Joint Sealants gt Surface Treatments gt Grinding Aids gt Waterproofing 2 Lokfix – Polyester and epoxy resin anchors for bolts starter bars and fixings 3 Conbextra HF or TS – Cementious grout for static base plates 4 5 Conbextra EP for dynamic loads such as rails and machine plates 6 Conbextra Cable Grout – For post tensioned cables and fine slots


cable bolt grouts available Resin Capsules 174 Full range of Lokset resin capsules are available for point anchoring Technical Data Mechanical Properties 15 2 mm Cable Typical 21 8 mm Superstrand Typical 21 8 mm Strata Cable Typical Core Bolt Diameter – Plain section mm 15 2 21 8 21 8 Typical Bulb Diameter – mm 25 – 30 32 – 38 32 – 48 Cross Sectional area – Plain

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INSTAL Bolt Anchor System The Fully Grouted INSTAL Bolt is the ideal high tension bolt due to the resin that locks bolt tension within the system while significantly slowing down the weathering process around the bolt hole View Details JENN TENSION JENNMAR offers the JENN TENSION roof bolt re tensioning system for a quick and economical alternative to the

Fosroc Construction Grouting Solutions

2 Lokfix – Polyester resin anchors for bolts starter bars and fixings 3 Conbextra BB – Cementitious grout for bridge bearings 4 Conbextra EP for dynamic loads such as rails 5 Nitomortar TS – Epoxy bedding for bridge joints 6 Conbextra Cable Grout – For post tensioned cables 7 Cebex 653 – Concrete grout admixture for void


Normet s D Bolt is a state of the art smooth bolt with multiple anchors along its stem specifically designed for difficult ground such as squeezing conditions or susceptibility to dynamic seismic events It is a fully grouted bolt using cementitious or resin based materials and provides excellent reinforcement characteristics either stand alone or more importantly as part of a

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Anchor bolts cables or rod grouting not requiring sustained high tensile loads Generally grouts that consist of a flowable mixture of solids and water are termed suspended solids grouts The most common suspended grout is Portland cement often with a variety of additives Portland cement is manufactured from a combination of lime silica alumna and iron which when

MULTIgrout Anchor Grout

MultiGrout Anchor Grout gains strength quickly and resists water washout making it ideal for anchoring tendons cables and bolts into soil or rock media Features and benefits Pumps easily and tends to gel after placement Freese thaw durability Superior bond Non corrosive Excellent performance in colder temperatures down to 5 176 C


Super Grout has specifically been designed for anchoring of roof bolts The product is highly pumpable and contains expansion agents to prevent shrinkage while the product hardens The high ph level prevents the corrosion of steel and cable anchors Principal uses Full column grouting of mechanical long anchors Starter bars cables and anchor bars Void filling in

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Anchor types for floating wind 22 4 2021 As wind projects move towards deeper waters Acteon uses its moorings and anchors and foundation expertise to advise operators on the options for floating wind projects such as this recent study they performed for an Asian operator Many variables are taken into consideration when choosing anchoring

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01 10 1995 nbsp 0183 32 Model B BENMOKRANE et al GROUTS AND GROUTED ROCK ANCHORS 635 Anchor specimen Spacer plate Load cell Spherical seat Universal Testing Machine Cable or bar LVDT Grips quot 7 Fixed base X Y recorder Fig 2 Schematic representation of the setup for the laboratory pullout test Data acquisition system ii 1 Pullout test equipment and procedure